Tri City Haitian Relief

Tri City Haitian Relief

The Tri City area, which includes Malden, Medford and Everett, are pulling together to help all of those impacted by the Haitian earthquake.

Friday, January 7, 2011

January 9th Event Progam

The Members of the Tri-City Haitian Relief Task Force would like to thank you for coming to the January 9th Remembrance Service. We thank City of Malden/Malden Public Schools, Hallmark Health, Cambridge Health Alliance, Councilor Gary Christenson, Tri-City Community Action Program, Inc., and an anonymous donor for their financial support. We thank all this evening’s presenters, youth volunteers and performers, Driss Bahraoui (photographer) and all those who are working so hard to make the evening possible.


Projected Images Montage

by Eileen Dern & Hallmark Health

Welcome Pastor Paul Daniel


National Anthem Led by Gwen Blackburn

Haitian National Anthem Led by Joanne Aguy

(Minute of Silence)

Prayer Pastor Ronald Pierre

Reflections Emmanuel Exhilhomme

Philip Bronder-Giroux


Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr., City of Everett

Mayor Richard Howard, City of Malden

Mayor Michael McGlynn, City of Medford

Dance Carlie Guerrier

& Troupe

Musical Presentation Reverend Ricardo Valcy

Spoken Word Laurine Voltaire

Reflections Councilor Gary Christenson

Musical Presentation Sabrina Jean Pierre

Musical Selection Tehilah

Prayer Sister Immacula Pierre

Sister Myreille Daniel


[“Sauvé Seigneur béni, notre chère Haïti, petite nation” sung by all.]


Marc-Ketline Jeune; Witlyne Jeune; Juderson Vertus; Ruth Vertus; Carmelle Eliscar; Edmonde Louis; Rachel Georges; Ellisson Rosemond

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 9th 2011, A Year After the Quake

Hope for Haiti’s Future/ ESPWA POU AVNI PEYI D'AYITI:

A Remembrance – One year after the Earthquake of January 12, 2010

Yon jou souvni----Inané apré trambléman dé tè 12 janvié 2010 la

January 9th, 2011/9 Janvié 2011

6:00 pm

Location/ Lié randévou:
Malden High School – Jenkins Auditorium: 77 Salem Street, Malden, MA

Accessible by Car, MBTA Orange Line (Malden Center) and MBTA Bus

Fasil pou rivé la nan machin, nan tren oranj lan (Malden Center), osinon nan otobis (MBTA)

Open to all!

Tout Moun Invité!

The evening’s event includes/ Men pwogram pou swaré sila a:

· Presentations by local Haitian Youth/ Prézantation ki va fèt pa kèk jenn ti Ayisien

· Videos of Reconstruction Efforts in Haiti/ Video sou éfo kap fèt pou ka rébati péyi d'Ayiti

· Interfaith Prayer and Remembrance and/ La priè pa tout moun ki gen la fwa

· Presentations of Thanks to City Leadership/ Prézantation rémèsiman a Kèk Gran Lidè nan kominoté a

One Year Later

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More on TPS

Requirements for Supporting a Fee Waiver Request When Applying for Temporary Protected StatusFact Sheet
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) oversees lawful immigration to the United States and is funded primarily by certain application and petition fees. Waiving a fee for certain individuals transfers the cost of processing applications and petitions to other applicants and petitioners and often necessitates increasing fees for everyone. However, we recognize that some individuals may not be able to pay the filing or biometrics fees. When you request a fee waiver, you must clearly demonstrate that you are unable to pay the fees applicable in your application or petition.

The guidance below focuses on what should be in the written statement requesting a fee waiver:

You must submit your waiver request in the form of a signed and dated written statement (i.e., an affidavit or an unsworn declaration that includes the statement: “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.”).
The request must state the reasons why you are unable to pay the filing fee.
The written statement must list all assets, such as investments, vehicles, homes, or other real estate, if any, owned, possessed or controlled by you or your dependents.
The written statement must identify your monthly income from all sources, including income from your dependents, for each of the three months prior to the filing of the fee waiver request.
The written statement must identify the applicant’s monthly essential expenditures, including any extraordinary expenses (e.g., high medical bills) for each of the three months prior to the filing of the fee waiver request.
The written statement must list your dependents in the United States, their street address and their relationship to you, and any income earned or received by your dependents.
Additional information and evidence that could be included if applicable:

Any evidence that you are receiving a federal or state means-tested public benefit (e.g., Medicaid, food and nutrition benefits [SNAP program], housing assistance, etc.)
Any evidence of humanitarian considerations (e.g., disability, age and homelessness)
Additional information on fee waiver requests may be found on our website at and on the “Questions and Answers: Requesting Waiver of Fees: Temporary Protected Status Applicants” document online.

Photos of shipped Supplies

This mission's main focus was on shipping tents and medical supplies to the devastated areas where people brace for the rain around this time a year

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More on TPS Clinics

Codman Square Health Center has been holding special health clinic hours for earthquake survivors who have come to the Boston area.

Of course, new arrivals are welcome anytime, but certain times have been set aside specifically for them.

The next clinic will be Saturday, March 27th, 10:00-2:00.

During that time, new arrivals can come for walk-in medical visits, and staff will assist them in signing up for health insurance.

Support groups will be held 11:00-12:00 and 1:00-2:00 (support groups also run every Wednesday, 2:00-3:00, call 617-822-8142 for more information on support groups).

Additionally, the Codman WIC office will be open, and volunteers will be available to refer patients to other social services, including legal, food, housing, school registration, and ESOL.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The Tri City Haiti Relief Fund has raised about $7,000 to date.

Below are some photos of the medical supply drives and collection.

Malden For Haiti Event

Please click on the picture for a larger view

Friday, February 5, 2010

An E-mail Message from the Field

The trip is very revealing. The needs are tremendous. We have been to many localities and distributed the donated medical supplies.Leogane is completely devastated. The people are hopeful. The living need tents and safe dwellings. Our next move must concentrate on tents-tents-tents and food- food- food and a system to transport the wounded to nearby medical centers. Our medical approach must be specialized otherwise we will waste a lot of energy. There is a lot to do. Tri- City is well represented. Instead of 3 tickets, I have bought 4. Our delegation is comprised of 4 volunteers: Jacky Laguerre RN, Marthe Francisque RN, Buteau Dormey, ,Nursing student and myself. I have purchased 4 one way tickets to Dominican Republic @ 209 dols each, then paid 900 dollars at Logan for all the supplies and wheelchairs, afterwards 650 US dols for transportation to Port au Prince. We are spending a lot for transport within the cities. This morning we are setting up clinic in Leogane. God bless you. My regards to all.
Pastor Laguerre

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tri-City Haitian Relief Effort Continues

Press Release

Communities of Malden, Medford & Everett Work Together to Assist in Relief Efforts for Haiti

As the devastating effects of the earthquake disaster in Haiti continue to unfold, the cities of Malden, Medford, and Everett in partnership with several local Haitian church communities and the North Shore Rescue Mission, has stepped up relief efforts.

A single tri-city fund has been established as follows:

Haitian Relief Fund
c/o Century Bank
140 Ferry Street
Malden, MA 02148

Contributions can be mailed or dropped off at the Century Bank Ferry Street branch office Monday through Wednesday, 8:30 – 4:00 pm, Thursday, 8:30 – 6:00 pm, Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 pm, and Saturday, 8:30 – 12:00 noontime. Your tax-deductible gift will go toward emergency relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

The Philadelphie Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA), 575 Main Street, Malden has set up a container on its front yard to collect relief supplies for Haiti. Items requested include: blankets; sleeping bags; crutches, wheel chairs; and walkers. The Medford Public Schools have been coordinating a medical supplies donation drive in grades K – 8. The Boards of Health in the three cities continue to accept medical supplies such as Latex gloves and non-latex gloves, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, antibiotics, tape for bandages, bacitracin, bandages, antibiotics for skin wounds/infections, Ibuprofen, Tylenol – regular and PM, face cloths and toiletries. For a complete list, see the blog site listed below or call your local Board of Health.

Medical supplies and equipment already collected is already making its way to Haiti. Members of the Philadelphie SDA in Malden traveled to Haiti on February 3rd carrying the much needed supplies. A Medford group of 15 nurses and doctors from several Haitian churches will depart for Haiti on February 8th. Both groups are traveling to Haiti via the Dominican Republic to deliver medical and food supplies directly to affected Haitian earthquake victims.

The Tri-City Haitian Relief group is also working with various statewide immigrant groups, federal officials and Boston-area law schools to provide legal clinics to assist Haitian residents in applying for Temporary Protective Status. The first such clinic will be offered in Everett at the Parlin Library on Monday, February 8th, 6-8 PM. The Parlin Memorial Library is located at 410 Broadway, Everett. This Forum is sponsored by the U.S. Custom and Immigration Services. French and Haitian Creole interpreters are needed. Other TPS clinics will be announced in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or just want the most updated information contact the Tri-City Relief Task Force, c/o North Shore Rescue Mission, 101 Pierce Street, Malden 02148. Telephone contacts are 781-324-9777 or 781-535-7781. You can also visit the tri-city blog to share information and to coordinate efforts. To view the blog, go to

Your generosity and compassion would be greatly appreciated. We urge you to do what you can to aid the Haitian relief effort. A little goes a long way.